About using the site:

This site offers free webpage background images. The images are symmetrical so that they tile without visible seams. These images are free to use in your web designs. Click on a thumbnail below to get to the gallery thumbnail page. Then click on a thumbnail and see the image used as a page background.

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geological background image

I recently updated the gallery generating script to produce a more user friendly output. In honor of the site update I produced this new gallery of Geological based background images.

soup background image

I set up a new blog and wanted an alphabet soup background. Some of the soup backgrounds were interesting so I found some non-alphabet soups and made this Soup Kitchen gallery.

gemstone background image

For this gallery I input 'colorful images' into the Google search box and then clicked on images. There were many examples of colorful images so I choose a few and used them to make these backgrounds.

gemstone background image

This is a gallery of images made from pictures of GemStone Jewelry. There are some very bright and happy backgrounds and some that are more subdued.

fabric background image

This is a gallery of images made from samples of fabric. Fabrics are very diverse in texture and design. There are many types of fabrics in the gallery from silks to upholstering fabrics and many points in between.

stonework background image

This is a gallery of images made from various pictures of brick and stone work primarily. There are some interesting geometrics and textures in the group.

A Pastel Synthetic Symmetrical Background Image

This Gallery has mostly bold synthetic backgrounds. There are some interesting textures. I used a graphics program to produce the background, and then processed them to make them symmetrical.

Thumbnail of motorcycly deritave background image.

The images in this gallery are derived from things found on motorcycles. This thumb is from a piece of pinstripe artwork on a bike. Other images include paint, leather, and wood.

Symmetrical Deritaves of Images contributed by Maureen Brown.

These are symmetrical derivatives made from background images submitted by Maureen Brown. There are a wide range of colors and textures in this gallery.

These are derived from a group of pictures taken with the Hubbel Space Telescope.

The images in this gallery are derive from a group of pictures taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. The various celestial bodies make some very interesting symmetrical images.

Image derived from a micro-photograph of the new Intel Core i7 archatecture.

There were some micro-photos of the new Intel Core i7 micro-architecture that caught my eye. I put them through my process and these background images are the result. They would be great for tech sites.

GrayScale Background made from natural object.

In this gallery you will find a few examples of taking an image and turning it into a grayscale image with your photo editor. There are a number of special effects that you can achieve using a photo editor.

An Indian Blanket was the basis for this Symmetrical Image.

There are Symmetrical Images made from photos of various man made objects in this gallery. The thumb here is from a photo that contained an Indian Blanket. I used a part of the blanket design to make the image.

Symmetrical Image made from a flower.

This is the natural Symmetrical Image Gallery. The backgrounds in this gallery are made from images of things found in nature. Several of them are from flowers as is this thumbnail.

Symmetrical Images made in a graphics program.

The images in this gallery have been made in a graphics program. There are textured solid backgrounds as are used on this page. There are also some more radical products mixed in.

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