This is the New Symmetrical Backgrounds site - Welcome visitor!!

I have added a new gallery of background images based on various gemstones. Some of these backgrounds are very bright and happy. Others are more subdued. Check them out in the GemStone Gallery.

I have put much thought into re-working the site. I hope that it will be easier to use, and more fun as well. I have added the left nav box to improve access from one area of the site to another.

I took most of the information that I had on the front page and distributed it among several informational pages that are accessible through the top or bottom nav bar. I am also using a different bottom nav bar with contact and links information

I am using modified gallery software to generate the demo pages. The thumbnails are much smaller so the section thumbnail pages should load much faster. The thumbs link to the demo page with the full size background image. The image is used as the page background on these pages. I have made my content area very narrow on the demo pages so that you will see more of the background and less 'white' space.

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